The competition in the construction material industry is growing rapidly. More and more innovation is being applied in all area in the industry where incremental improvement is no longer an advantage but an essential to survival. Looking at this landscape, where disruption can happen anytime, Conwood Indonesia decided to disrupt themselves by taking an action to leap frog the competition by diminishing the top two most constraints in the building and construction industry: time and working capital.

Following its successful entry into the segment of premium wood using environmentally friendly materials, Derek, the incoming President Director of Conwood Indonesia, faced with the inevitable truth. The market faced structural problem with overcapacity and the influx by import produces. Situation predicted to continue to worsen with new capacity continue to enter the market from new local producers and from tax free imports. Conwood Team decided to capitalize on the unique strength of its technology, unmet demand for affordable housing and the limitation facing the Indonesia construction market. In July 2016, Conwood started to transform itself from a purely manufacturing company into Innovation driven company.  With limited resources, how can Derek and his team, within 3 months, act quickly to solve the problems with new innovation while concurrently unravel the issues raised from the innovation itself?