About DRM

A Greater Call to Lead and Manage Businesses in the New Normal World with Scientific Capabilities.

An executive doctorate in business is necessary in facing today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic, Ambiguous) environment, and more competitive business landscape. The recent pandemic poses even much greater pressures for companies and executives to adapt their long term strategic orientation and business fundamentals to stay relevant and competitive in the New Normal era.

Executives cannot rely any longer on their intuition alone nor years of industry experience, nor past successful cases and examples because the business playing field and the competition battleground has changed. To be able to stay relevant and manage businesses effectively, executives need to equip and prepare themselves with new set of strategic capabilities and rigorous research knowledge and skills. A New Normal World demands new breeds of leaders and researchers with new set of competence.  Be part of these prepared individuals, member of visionary and skilful practitioners and scholars by joining our DRM program.