Commitment of BINA NUSANTARA to Education through a World-Class Doctorate Program

As one of the country’s leading education institutions, BINA NUSANTARA has contributed to the country’s progress. BINUS INTERNATIONAL’s world-class Doctor of Research in Management (Scholar Track), aims to advance research, combining science and best practices and leveraging ICT.

A person with a doctorate is perceived to have what it takes to lead and manage a complex business enterprise. This person will not rely solely on intuition when facing a problem or a challenge. They will be equipped with many more strategies than their competitors.

Those who are generally the most motivated to attain a doctorate degree are lecturers and researchers working for research centers and institutions. A doctorate degree is the highest step in academia. The academic environment is increasingly demanding and a doctorate demonstrates commitment to an area of research. No lecturer would pass up a chance to attain this degree.

Responding to this demand, BINA NUSANTARA held a ‘Doctor of Research in Management Scholar Track’ information session (Class 5 – 3rd wave) on March 5, 2014 at the Anggrek campus. At the event, Dr. Dyah Budiastuti, the Deputy Head of the DRM Program, talked about the concept, strategy, innovation and optimism related to the program. The program’s goal is ‘To be One of the Best Doctorate Programs in Indonesia’.

This is not a pipe dream for the program, given its track record. At its inception, the DRM program was designed for academia and researchers. The program can also draw the interest of more people, either from those in BINA NUSANTARA or from outside of the institution. To meet such a high demand, BINA NUSANTARA opened a DRM program for the public, with three specialization majors: Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Business Information Systems Management, and Marketing Science & Analytics.

Leo, a lecturer at Surya University, who came to the event, said that he and some of his fellow lecturers from Surya University were there as they were always looking for knowledge. As an academic, earning a doctorate degree is a natural objective. Unfortunately, there are only a few universities which have opened a doctorate program. Leo added that the material presented by Dr. Dyah Budiastuti really helped in answering his questions. Leo said he was interested in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation major, as well as Marketing Science & Analytics.

Dr. Dyah Budiastuti explained her perspective on the DRM program. “The strategy I use is using the academic approach, not limited only to the quality of our lecturers, but also explaining how BINA NUSANTARA can facilitate participants of the program in their research so that they can finish their education on time. I believe these are the two things that guarantee the success of a doctorate program because I put myself in the customer’s place and I was once a participant of such a program,” she said. (KF)