Yunita Kartika Sari, MM.

Yunita Kartika Sari, MM.

Yunita Kartika Sari is the current Case Coordinator of BINUS Case Center at BINUS University, Jakarta, Indonesia. She has over 19 years working on educational institution experiencing in some divisions; operations, academic, continuing education, marketing.
She obtained her Bachelors in Communications Studies from Airlangga University and Magister Management (focus on International Management) from IBMT School of Business. She has experiences in teaching management and marketing.

Case Document


HARRIS Day was a program that combined CSR and marketing programs. The program took various themes and activities which aimed to order to raise community awareness on HARRIS Hotel existence as local hotel with International Network. HARRIS Day was fully supported by Mark Steinmeyer, the founder of Tauzia Hotels. Although HARRIS Days has been implemented for 10 years, Marc was still looking for ways  to formulate HARRIS Day program that meets CSR and marketing objectives. It must be able to encourage HARRIS stakeholders to accept the program properly and willing to execute it successfully. It was not easy to carry out activities involving many people and simultaneously held in some areas. The biggest challenge was to determine the theme and concept of HARRIS Fun Bike because it had to accommodate many things such as brand development and budget allocation. The most important thing was the committee because it consists of internal stakeholders who also had high workloads. Moreover, it also took time to select the venue for HARRIS Fun Bike. The venue will be rotated every year. Every mid-year THM and all HARRIS Hotels chain started looking for sponsors and decide the theme and concept. GM Cluster in each city who was pointed by THM must be able to lead the preparation and responsible for the success of the events. GM Cluster must establish the operational team in their area. THM corp. team (Brand, Marketing, Event, and CSR) and operational teams in each cities coordinate each other to work together to carry out the event simultaneously. To boost the excitement of events outside Jakarta, senior managers from THM Jakarta were sent to each cluster to attend the HARRIS Fun Bike. The evaluation obtained from each chief operating officer after the event was completed would be an input for the next event preparation.



It was end of November 2010 when Raymon Setiadi restlessly starring at the ceiling of the boardroom in his office. In couple hours he would has an important meeting with three colleagues discussed about AITINDO performance, their startup company. It would be a serious discussion since the profit of company was not good enough although it has been running for 5 years. Moreover, his greatest concern was the condition of company that still has no specific core business. He felt they were not strong enough in business competition especially facing the rapid development in digital world and the change in consumer behavior. The company must establish the right business model and refine some key elements to successfully achieve the target and ensure the company's sustainability. Raymond rushed took his laptop and walked into the boardroom while still thinking about what to do to ensure company's sustainability. Another question was still remaining; what business model is appropriate in line with the development of digital technology?