In facing rapid growth in service business in the global market especially in the fields of e-commerce/e-business and logistics/supply chain, it is necessary to provide graduates to fill the growing demand for professionals in the service business which is equipped with higher cognitive skills and social and emotional skills. In connection with that, Business Management Program provides their students a suitable curriculum to deal with these challenges. The Program has had international business school accreditation (AACSB) and national BAN-PT ‘UNGGUL’ accreditation. The Program equips the students with knowledge and expertise in management concepts, creative thinking and entrepreneurial skills, global mindset, ethics and digital service and supply chain management. The uniqueness of this program is strengthening the students with “digital service and supply chain management”.  The service orientation and supply chain will be crucial future competencies for any company, namely the competencies in developing integrated solutions for customer problems (service orientation), including managing the internal and external parties (supply chain) and use of the latest technology in the process (digital). Therefore, the competencies will be a key competitive advantage for any company. The students will also get the updated knowledge and experience from industries and soft-skills trainings/workshops that enable them to survive and expand their capacity. The learning process is carried out through a variety of teaching-learning strategies encompasses business case study, business simulations, laboratory, collaborative learning, international guest lecturer, industry visit, role playing, free-elective course and enrichment program or KAMPUS MERDEKA.

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A world-class business school, fostering and empowering the society in serving and building the nation


Providing world class business education to build the nation and to contribute to community development by means of:

1. Educating BINUSIANs to develop exemplary characters through holistic.
Educating BINUSIANs to be ethical & innovative graduates with multiple skills to deal with business challenges using holistic approach.

2. Resolving business and entrepreneurship issues with meaningful and relevant research.
Encouraging BINUSIAN to advance knowledge and practices with high quality research for resolving business and entrepreneurship issues.

3. Fostering BINUSIANs through self-enrichment.
Nourishing BINUSIANs’ SPIRIT for improving personal and professional capabilities.

4. Empowering BIHUSIANs to continuously improve business community.
Invigorating BINUSIANs to solve the business community challenges through academic and community service activities.

Learning Goals

By the completion of our program

1. Management and Business Concepts
Each student should be able to comprehend business and management concept.

2. Problem Solving and Entrepreneurial Skills
Each student should be able to work innovatively by applying their adept thinking, entrepreneurial, and ICT skills.

3. Global and Sustainability Mindsets
Each student should be able to perform global mindset in exercising business concept.

4. Professionalism and Ethical Competence
Each student should be able to apply ethical and professional values.

Prospective Career of the Graduates

Graduates of Business Management Program will have prospective careers as e-commerce/e-business development, logistics/supply chain analyst, business analyst, business development, human resource development, business consultant, and service provider (servpreneur). The graduates also have competency in carrying out transformation from a traditional or manufacturing business to be a service business as a service business development or business analyst.