Observing the Role of Social Media to Accelerate Creativity Development

To improve the quality of the repository of knowledge, it is felt that the
importance of knowledge management in a scalable systematic manner is
also a road-path to transform implicit knowledge into tacit knowledge of
creativity to form a company’s competitive advantage. Social media is a
means of effective formulation of knowledge management and increases
creativity because of the wide scope of its use. In line with this, the
researcher deems it necessary to examine the relationship between the four
levels of social media and the acceleration of creativity. Data collection is
done through the distribution of online questionnaires to marketing
employees who are believed to have a high level of use of social media, both
for the purpose of social interaction and the implementation of their work.
Data analysis used IBM Statistics Product and Service Solution (SPSS) 21
and multiple regression methods. The results showed that social media in
the workplace influenced the acceleration of creativity (employees)


Dr. Ir. Harry Sutanto, MBA. (2021). Observing the Role of Social Media to Accelerate Creativity Development. , .doi:10.1109/ICIMTech53080.2021.9535071
Knowledge engineering , Systematics , Data analysis , Social networking (online) , Employment , Transforms , Data collection