The curriculum of the management program is designed as an anticipation to dynamics global competition, which requires organisational leadership and entrepreneurial skills with a strong ICT base and capability to continuously adapt and innovate in order to maintain sustainable growth and contribute to the society and the nation. This program will develop students knowledge in managing a company’s operation and fostering their problem-solving skills to cope with a challenging situation. In this regard, the curriculum materials will emphasise the art of business, innovation and strategic thinking that are required to become a manager or business leader. The graduates are expected to gain their potential to become future leaders. They can address business challenges through the following competencies: the ability to develop and manage the business, ability to apply information technology applications in business, ability to pursue the digital economy business, ability to optimise the capability and capacity of the organisation and its resources. They also are going to have the ability to optimize the use of management information systems and readiness to work in the various field both nationally and internationally. Management Curriculum also provides schematics and platform through the 3 + 1 Program, that allow the students to improve their practical and managerial capabilities as required by industry and to maintain its sustainable growth, and empowering the society and the nation. The program uses, a multi-channel learning model. In this model, the students will have face to face sessions in the classroom, perform the self-study by using textbooks, e-book, video material and collaborative online learning. The method is intended to encourage the students to learn independently by utilising all available accesses and technology. Furthermore, by introducing ICT technology-based learning module, it will open a broad access for students to explore various educational resources from abroad. Catalog 2016 (PDF), Catalog 2017 (PDF), Catalog 2018 (PDF), Catalog 2019 (PDF), Catalog 2020 (PDF)