types of EC searches

The three major types of EC searches are Internet/ Web search, enterprise search, and desktop search.

Internet/Web Search. This is the most popular search that involves looking for any documents on the Web. According to Pew Research Internet Project (pewinternet.org) and other statistical sites (e.g., see infoplease.com/ipa/ A0921862.html), finding information is one of the most frequent activities done on the Web.

Enterprise Search. An enterprise search describes the search for information within the files and databases of an organization. For example, Google has a powerful Enterprise Search Appliance (known as GSA).

Desktop Search. A desktop search involves a search of a user’s own computer files (e.g., using copernic.com or windows.microsoft.com/en-us/win- dows7/products/features/windows- search). Searching for documents is done by looking through all the information that is available on the user’s PC. A simple example is the ability to search all files related to your e-mail archive. A search also can be extended to photos, USB ports, and Word documents.

Source :

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