Financial Engineering

A company’s financial planning is becoming increasingly important in developing competitiveness. Competitiveness is needed so the company can grow and develop sustainably. The challenge constantly faced by companies is how to increase corporate value steadily so that shareholders and stakeholders gain the maximum benefit from their investment.

Experience & impact:

  • Understanding planning and ‘Financial Engineering’.
  • Understanding the subject matter of ’Project Management & Financing’.
  • Understanding the assessment of the company in relation to the strategy to continually maximize the growth of the company.
  • Ensuring practical activities to assist management and the company to get the ‘Cost of Capital’ competitive.
  • Understanding how to integrate the various aspects of ‘Financial Planning & Engineering’.

Session topics:

  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Engineering
  • Derivatives & Hedging
  • Valuation
  • Project Management & Financing
  • Value Chain Enhancement
  • Strategic Review: Competitiveness & Cost of Capital
  • Integration