Go Global for Furniture Manufacturing Small Medium Enterprise Site Visit of Operation Class MM EXECUTIVE-RPL CLASS

Operations and supply chain management are part of business that cannot be fully transformed into digital. Conducting a site visit can be a valuable and practical learning experience for students in operations and supply chain management classes. It provides them with the opportunity to observe real-world operations, understand how supply chain processes are executed, and gain insights into the challenges and solutions within an industry.

Class L212 visited the small medium enterprise of Interior Design in Tangerang, 27 January 2024

The sity visit was conducted in SME in interior design manufacturing in Tangerang. It typically refers to a small or medium-sized business engaged in the production of interior design elements, furniture, or related products. Interior design factories may produce a range of items such as furniture, fixtures, cabinetry, wall coverings, and other interior components. This SME specialized in some produce categories, employed around 30 workers, and have clients from offices in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. From the discussion with employees, they focused on conventional design and material, and in the middle of applying new innovations such as using the CAD software.

Dr Dewi Tamara