The Director of NET.TV shared on the Guest Lecturer in the Professional Business Management of BBS Master Program

Dr. Hery Kustanto delivered his presentation related to contemporary issues in leadership and human capital management. NET. As one of the companies engaged in the media industry, TV believes that the development of leadership and human capital issues is changing very quickly.

One of the developing issues is how companies adapt to the work model of employees during the pandemic and post-pandemic, how the company adjusts the needs of current conditions in order to still accommodate the needs of employees without forgetting the goals of the company. The media industry in the future will rely heavily on diverse human resources.

In addition, the management of the millennial generation is also an issue that is still interesting to talk about. How to manage the unique characteristics of millennials to be well managed in a corporate environment.

The courses taught by Dr. Jimmy Sadeli and Dr. Abdul Rohman Hafid in the Professional Business Management program in this session have learning outcomes to understand contemporary issues about leadership and human capital in the business world. (October 16, 2021)