Guest Lecture Session

On 9th and 13th October 2021, Young Professional Business Management students, Binus Business School, had the opportunity to attend guest lectures from Dr. Nopi Hidayat, MM., Head of BPJS Kesehatan Cirebon branch. In this guest lecture session, Dr. Nopi discusses the art of leading across generations using case studies at BPJS Health. As we all know, the workforce in 2021 is dominated by the millennial generation and generation Z, while at the managerial level there are still many generation X and baby boomers. The dynamics of this generational difference if not addressed properly, can lead to conflicts that will affect work productivity. Dr. Nopi tells a lot about his experiences as a generation X who has to lead the generations above and below him. That the wisdom of the more senior generation must still be used for the advancement of the organization, and the enthusiasm and innovative ideas of the younger generation are used to improve organizational conditions, especially in this disruptive world. Students also ask a lot of tips and tricks that a leader needs to do in the context of their organization. The discussion session was quite in-depth, and even though the discussion time had passed the lecture session, Dr. Nopi is still willing to take his time to answer questions from these students.

Hopefully the guest lecture sessions that have been carried out provide insight for students not only in terms of theory but also from a practical point of view.