In the context of BINUSIAN graduation in 2021, BINUS University has prepared 64th Graduation ceremony as a form of responsibility to students and parents. The 64th graduation will be held online via Zoom on Sunday, December 19, 2021. For BINUSIAN who already meet the requirements, you can register by following the steps below:

  2. Go to Home > Graduation
  3. Check Graduation Eligibility
  4. Fill in the Graduation Questionnaire
  5. Fill in the Graduation Form
  6. Make Payment (November 10-15, 2021)
  7. Graduation Package Sent to Your Address

Basically, 3 steps that MUST be carried out are, fill out the graduation questionnaire, fill out the graduation form, and make payments, and the graduation packages will be sent to your home. Make sure you have done all three stages before November 19, 2021 so that you can take part in Graduation 64 and get a graduation package. Also, don’t forget to take part in the contests on each faculty’s Instagram.

If you still have any questions, you can inquire through email