What should be tourism strategy in Indonesia after Corona pandemic?

Disaster events have affected tourist destinations in many countries around the world. Natural disasters such as flood, earthquake and active volcanos affect tourism industry is some countries. Other disaster such as wars also affect the follow of tourism to particular destinations. Corona virus which is known as COVID-19 is a new disaster affect to tourism industry in the whole world. Tourism industry was famous for globalization of the world but spread of Corona virus could freeze its growth for an unpredicted timeline.

As one of the fast-growing countries which investing in its tourism industry, Indonesia also has been affected negatively. Indonesia is a one of the most beautiful countries and has many attractive tourists destination. Indonesia’s mountains, beaches, and variety of cultures from Sumatera until Papua have attracted millions of tourists around the world to come. Beside all those attractions, Indonesia is also prone to different types of disaster such as active volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis which time by time affects to its tourism flow.

But what tourism industry will be like after this pandemic finish? What should to do to regain the image of Indonesia to bring back tourists? Author believes that demand will come back stronger than ever once the situation is over. Indonesia should apply a recovery strategy in which discounts may be a part of the overall enticement to return to travel and beside that offering more value. Besides that, author suggests tourism authorities to start considering about the peripheral destinations. Therefore, as soon as pandemic finish can start to promote those areas as new and untouched places to attract tourists.

Roozbeh Babolian Hendijani, Ph.D