Bite-sized Curriculum Development for E-learning Content Development Workshop

A workshop to create E-learning content was held on March 2, 2020 for the lecturers of the Master’s Program, Binus Business School. Act as the speaker was Mr. Tengku Mohd. Khairal Abdullah, PhD., as the Head of MM Blended Learning Program. 8 lecturers from MM Program, 1 curriculum coordinator, and 2 representatives from Binus creates attended this workshop. This workshop took place from 9 am to 3:30 pm in room 311 JWC Campus. The workshop aimed to help participants to create the learning objective in the online learning environment.

Apart from that, after completing this workshop, participants are expected to implement the Horton’s framework of Absorb-Do-Connect in the online learning environment. Lastly, participants also expected to be able to chunk one teaching session into several chunks (sub session) in order to make the content much easier to be understood by the students.

In this workshop, Mr. Tengku also explained the characteristics of online learning (synchronous and asynchronous), the types of adult students, and the different learning styles of the students. Using the course they taught, participants were asked to set learning objectives for the course, as well as specific objectives in one of the selected sessions. In addition, participants were also asked to make a chunk session in the teaching material they had chosen. This workshop helped participants to make their teaching more accessible to their online learners.

Sekar W Prasetya