MM in Business Management Professional Program

“Improve Your Skills with Holistic Functional Business Competencies”

The BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL MM in Business Management Professional Program is a master’s-level program designed for professional who are preparing to be strategic business leaders. This program is designed for those who want to better understand and acquire skills and competencies for managing businesses.

This program recruits students of various backgrounds and helps them become generalists: business leaders with effective decision-making abilities. General managers must master every facet of business and must be able to lead the enterprise holistically, and to emphasize how key decisions affect each business function.

The MM in Business Management Professional Program consists of subjects that walk you through various functional areas. This program is designed to guide you through your personal transformation and development. You will be equipped with analytical skills needed to identify, frame, and solve complex business problems, and with confidence to make important business decisions for rapid changes in organizations or industries.

A capstone course in strategic management integrates all courses and allows you to practice skills for running a sustainable, successful business. The program emphasizes rigorous analytical and strategic thinking, which is essential for business leaders. You will be challenged to understand the theoretical underpinnings of the courses and to use your understanding to solve real-world business problems.

Who is This Degree for?

The BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL MM in Business Management Professional Program is designed for early-career managers and professionals from various disciplines who aspire to learn competitive strategies for business. Graduates of this program are prepared to be better general managers with strategic views as well as strongly integrative inter-functional business competencies for innovation and for sustaining business growth.

Benefits of the Program

The BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL MM in Business Management Professional Program is conducted 100% in English language and designed to:

  1. Enhance your understanding of domestic and global, executive-level business practices in consumer, industrial, technological, and service fields;
  2. Help you understand the most current conceptual and analytical developments in management practice essential to the contemporary executive;
  3. Help you gain insights from top management viewpoint for developing and implementing sustainable customer values;
  4. Help you align and balance various (and often conflicting) needs and demands of groups of stakeholders: shareholders, workers, the community, the media, government authorities and the public;
  5. Help you integrate the role of information systems into business functions to enable managers to formulate and execute management changes related to contemporary global advances in globalization and technology.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the graduate business programs are:

  1. To prepare world-class business professionals and entrepreneurs with ability to implement the integrated management approach for local & global organizations to promote sustainable growth
  2. To enable professionals and entrepreneurs to advance knowledge with relevance to industry by leveraging research and ICT
  3. To prepare professionals and entrepreneurs to drive & manage continuous organizational changes through effective communication strategy & people management
  4. To prepare professionals and entrepreneurs to be able to demonstrate effective personal, social, & ethical professional attributes & develop related system & environment in their respective organizations and community
  5. To prepare professionals and entrepreneurs with discipline, habits, & state of mind of innovation & able to create systems & environment that nurture both breakthrough & incremental innovation

Course Structure

Course Code Course Title SCU
FINC8052 Corporate Finance 3
MKTG8072 Marketing Management 3
BUSS8020 Business Ethics 3
ACCT8144 Accounting for Manager 3
ISYS8240 Information Technology for Management 3
ENGL8196 Academic English for Professional 2
RSCH8012 Research Methods 3
MGMT8086 Leadership & Organizational Behavior 3
BUSS8021 Corporate & Business Strategy 3
COMM8158 Business Communications & Interpersonal Skills 3
MGMT8207 Management Consulting Field Project 3
ECON8020 Managerial Economics 3
MGMT8087 Operations & Supply Chain Management 3
MGMT8088 Thesis 6
Total Credits 44

Admission Schedule

Registration 21 Apr – 26 May 2021
Entrance test (BBS EPT) 28 May 2021
Entrance test (TPA) 29 May 2021
Interview 27 – 28 May 2021
Results announcement 2 Juni 2021
New Intake Briefing 5 Juni 2021
Social Innovation Camp To be announced
First day of class 7 Juni 2021
Duration of Study 18 months
Schedule of class Weekdays, 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm
Application Form Rp600.000,00

FREE/TOP UP Rp500k* for 1 participant

or Rp5.250** mio for 3 participants,

and you can get 2 days training short courses:


Short Course List :


*Green Marketing Strategy

*Towards Digital Era of Marketing

*Finance For Non-Financial Managers

**Design Thinking as a Strategy for Innovation

**Mastering Project Management

**Executing an Innovation Business Strategy


More information, please contact Ms. Jane Turang

Special Rate
  • 5% early bird discount for all program until 31 March 2018 (cannot be combined with other promo)
  • 5% off for BINUSIAN
10% of 1st Installment* for public
Language Full English

T&C applies
Some Courses may be subject to changes
Class will be cancelled if there are less then 12 students

Contact Person: 0813 8962 8672

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