International Business
Bryna Meivitawanli. Ph.D

Bryna Meivitawanli. Ph.D

Subject Content Coordinator and Lecturer

  • +62-21-720-2222
  • Room 402, Binus International, JWC Campus. Jl. Hang Lekir I no.6 Senayan, Jakarta 10270, Indonesia.

Profile & Qualification


Bryna Meivitawanli graduated bachelor at the age of 18 years 9 months old from Universitas Indonesia with the highest GPA among International Program graduates. She took double degree program and received Sarjana Ekonomi from Universitas Indonesia and bachelor of science from University of Groningen, The Netherlands. She continued her study and attained doctoral degree at the age of 25 years old. She received full scholarship from the Chinese Government for her doctoral degree. Bryna joins Binus International in 2020 as subject content coordinator in the International Business program.

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D): Enterprise Management – 09/2016 to 06/2019 Dissertation title: Research on the Provincial Foreign Direct Investment Determinants and Its Relationship with Economic Growth: An Empirical Study in Indonesia. Wuhan University of Technology, China

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – 09/2014 to 06/2016 (Excellent International Students Graduate) Thesis title: Tourist Destination Branding Model: Application to City Branding of Jakarta, Indonesia. Wuhan University of Technology, China

Bachelor of Science: International Business – 09/2011 to 01/2013 – Double degree program Thesis title: Relationship between Narcissistic Leader and Narcissistic Organization in the case of General Motors. University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Bachelor of Economics: Management – 09/2009 to 02/2013 – Double degree program, University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Research & Publication


Thesis title: Research on the Provincial Foreign Direct Investment Determinants and Its Relationship with Economic Growth: An Empirical Study in Indonesia.

This research aims to find out the relationship of inward FDI and economic growth in Indonesia using panel data of the provinces in Indonesia over ten years period of time from 2008 to 2017. The research also studies the determinants of FDI. According to the literature review, there are six common determinants of FDI. These six are economic growth, market size, trade openness, human capital, financial market development and infrastructure. These determinants are tested in the case of Indonesia. Furthermore, there are supporting variables that are included in the analysis of the relationship between FDI and economic growth. These are human capital, financial market development and trade openness. These three variables are each interacted with FDI in order to see whether or not the combined effects are significant enough to influence economic growth. These models are tested using three research methodologies. These three are random/fixed effects model, system GMM and Granger Causality. The results show that the relationship between FDI and economic growth has been found to be negative using both random effects model and system GMM when the interaction term of FDI and human capital is introduced into the equation. The results are insignificant in both methodologies and both proxies of FDI when the interaction term of FDI and human capital is excluded. Overall, this research poses concerns for both academicians and practitioners.

Supervisor: Prof. Xu Hongyi   PUBLICATIONS
  1. Meivitawanli, B. (2018) Foreign Direct Investment in Tourism and Economic Growth: Panel Data of OECD Countries, International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science, 5(9), pp. 287-295. doi:10.22161/ijaers.5.9.34
  2. Meivitawanli, B. (2018) Relationship between FDI and Economic Growth: Time Series Data of Indonesia,15th International Conference on Innovation & Management.
  3. Meivitawanli, B. (2017) Effect of FDI Growth on GPD Growth in the Case of Indonesia,14th International Conference on Innovation & Management, pp. 1303-1307.
  4. Yige, Q., Meivitawanli, B. (2017) Impact of Online Financial Services Apps on University Students’ Financial Management in China, World Symposium on Economics, Business and Management. doi: 10.26480/wsebm.01.2017.32.34
  5. Yige, Q., Meivitawanli, B. (2018) Effect of Cross-Border E-Commerce on International Trade of Emerging Country In The Case of China, Malaysian E Commerce Journal, 2(1), pp. 11-14. doi:10.26480/mecj.01.2018.11.14
  6. Setiawan, C., Meivitawanli, B. (2016) Tourist Destination Branding Model: Application to City Branding of Jakarta, Indonesia, 8th Indonesia International Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Small Business.

Professional Engagement


 Subject Content Coordinator-International Business at Binus International – February 2020 - Present

Managing mathematics and statistics related subjects as well as research methodology. Responsible for coordinating lecturers and revising the syllabus.

 Owner – Gown On – December 2019 - Present

Started a business in gown rental including wedding gown, evening gown and simple dresses. The store is located in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara.

English Teacher – Freelance – January 2015 - June 2019

Taught conversational english to future expatriates (Chinese managers) and english private lessons to kids. Thus, I have taught students ranging from 3 to 50 years old.

Operational Director – INAPEN – February 2014 - December 2018

Worked in a family owned business which provided business process and entrepreneurship training based on learning-by-doing method using virtual companies. Handled the back office, organized the training, trained the trainers and trainees, created the assessment and arranged the module. However, I only worked during summer and winter holidays.

Teaching Assistant – Wuhan University of Technology – February 2017 - June 2017

Despite the job title, I was responsible for my own class. I taught Business English Writing to local bachelor students. I arranged and prepared all teaching materials myself. I also helped and supported Chinese student in writing and publishing papers.

English Teacher – CES Education – February 2014 - June 2014

Taught IELTS preparatory program for students who were going to study abroad.

Intern – MyPEC – May 2013 - September 2013

MyPEC is a training company that offers business and entrepreneurship training based on hands-on approach. I was working at the back office as well as a supporting facilitator.

Reward & Grants


  • Chinese Government Scholarship – China Scholarship Council, China, 2016 to 2019. Full scholarship for doctoral program in Wuhan University of Technology covering tuition fee, accommodation and stipend.
  • Excellent Scholarship Award - Wuhan University of Technology, China, 2018 and 2019
  • Excellent International Students Graduate – Wuhan University of Technology, China, 06/2014
  • Friendship Scholarship Award – Wuhan University of Technology, China, 10/2015
  • Member – MENSA Indonesia – 2019 - Present
  • Secretary – North Jakarta Indonesian Confucian Religion Council – 2019 - 2020
  • Vice secretary – National Board of Indonesian Young Confucian – 2018 - 2022
  • Treasurer – Indonesian Students Association in China – Wuhan Branch – 2017 - 2018

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