Respati Wulandari

Dr. Respati Wulandari

Dr. Respati Wulandari is an assistant professor (Lektor 300) and heads the Internationalization and Partnership Programs at Binus Business School – Undergraduate Program, Jakarta. She earned her doctoral degree in entrepreneurship and innovation from Binus Business School Doctorate Program. Her research, which focuses on entrepreneurship, leadership, cross-cultural management, has previously been publisshed in Social Science and Research, tshe Journal of Business Management, Global Business and Organizational Excellence (Wiley) and International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research.

            Respati earned a Law degree from Faculty of Law of the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia with a specialization in business law. She earned her master’s degree in Strategic Management from Binus Business School – Professional program. Coming from a diplomatic family, Respati has always lived and socialized in diplomatic and international circles. Her background makes her embrace the difference of culture, behavior, mindset easily. In addition to its flexibility to interact internationally, Respati also speaks English, French, basic Dutch and Italian. Her career began as an assistant lawyer at Atma Jaya Legal Aid and Consultation Center, then after graduating she worked in a non-governmental organization, an international law firm, and taught at school. Working with foreign colleagues and her career experiences have made Respati explore her path as a speaker and academician. She is not only professional in her work but always innovates in teaching. With its experience, Respati teaches courses in international business, cross-cultural management, business law and business communication. In addition to teaching at undergraduate level, Respati also teaches leadership and organizational behavior in master program.

Since 2018, Respati has devoted its research to Catholic Church or Catholic institutions in Indonesia in the area of entrepreneurship and leadership. This was done as a form of devotion to Catholic Church and to her country, Indonesia. Respati is accompanied by a great mentor, Prof. Dr. Yahia H. Zoubir, in carrying out and writing her research. Her friendship to great foreign professors allowed her to conduct good research and teaching. Respati’s field work is always shared with her students. For Respati, field research is the most relevant and effective way to learn from theory and practice. It is very interesting for her because good communication with oversees professors and foreign business leaders makes it easy for her to invite them to give public lectures at Binus Business School. Of course, this is very necessary for students to open up new horizons and knowledge.


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