Business Management Laboratory

Welcome to Business Management Laboratory and best wishes to all of you.

Business Management Laboratory is the Business Management Department’s supporting unit which is its main function to support course learning process at Binus University. Business Management Laboratory’s programs provide learning for Business Management Department students. In Business Management Laboratory, students are asked to solve the case study problems using the tools and make a research based on theories of management that have been studied. During this process, students will be guided by some assistants who will help to demonstrate the use of tools and software to solve the case and apply the use of these tools in making the research for final project learning in Business Management Laboratory.

Vision and Mission

Vision :

Be the training and research center that based on practicum in business management.

Mission :

  1. Organizing teaching program and training based on practicum for increasing students’ competency in business management and computer skills.
  2. Become the central of teaching material development in management, business, entrepreneur, and marketing that match with researches in Binus Business School Undergraduate Program..
  3. Creating profesional service activities to industry and dedication to community.
  4. Help Binus Business School Undergraduate Program in their programs that related to Business Management Laboratory.

Business Management Laboratory also provides for consultations to all students from all Major Programs using the tools learned in Business Management Laboratory for the theses.

The consultations are provided through training for how to use the tools such as SPSS and QM for Windows to support their researches and theses.

Here is a list of subjects supported by the Business Management Laboratory :

1. Economic Statistic
2. Quantitative Analysis in Business
3. Marketing Research
4. Quantitative Methods in Marketing

Software used in Business Management Laboratory :

  1. SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solution)
  2. QM for windows

Thank you and may you will always be filled happiness.


Yuli Eni

Head of Business Management Laboratory