Going to another country to study means more than prestige. A program such as Study Abroad by BINUS INTERNATIONAL offers multiple benefits for every student who applies. Despite its challenges, studying in other countries offers benefits that you rarely get from sticking to the local campus.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Study Abroad can enrich students in various ways, such as:

1.      Increasing Chance to Enter the International Field

Gaining opportunities to have a professional career with international competency is not easy. Even just for one or two years, studying abroad opens a wider door to gain this competency. You can understand work opportunities, requirements, trends, and many more. You may also form a communication network you may need in the future.

2.      Adjusting to Life in Other Country

Learning in another country is more than about going to campus every day. You will experience daily life that may be very different from home. Without the ability to adapt and adjust, you will not face challenges in a foreign country, especially if you aim to work there.

3.      Gaining Unique Experiences

New experiences create fresh perspectives and give you unique points of view, which can be useful in study and work. Traveling to a different country for studying surely gives you unique experiences, especially after meeting a diverse group of friends.

4.      Improving Language Skills

Language skills can be learned anywhere. However, to the place where the language is spoken is a different experience. You will be able to practice the language by talking with locals, new friends, neighbors, sellers, and many more. Aside from learning the language (especially the spoken words), you can also improve it in a more direct way.

About Study Abroad Program

Now that you know the benefits of studying abroad, what is the best way to start?

BINUS INTERNATIONAL provides Study Abroad, a part of the international program that sends students to partner universities for one or two years. Unlike the Student Exchange, Study Abroad is done without receiving any students from the appointed university. Students get the opportunity to spend one to two years studying in another country.

Illustration: Studying Abroad in BINUS INTERNATIONAL

The Study Abroad program offers an interesting chance for you to study at great universities, such as the Northumbria University – UK, University of Newcastle – Australia, RMIT and many more. You get all the benefits of studying abroad plus extra competency points.

Things Included in Study Abroad Program

BINUS INTERNATIONAL students can sign up for the program and receive several perks to help them study. The paid fees (both fixed and development) include insurance, visa-making, accommodation, and expenses. You also pay for both BINUS INTERNATIONAL and the host country’s tuition fees.

You also get options to several partner universities in the US, Australia, Europe, or Singapore. Examples are:

1.      Boston University Metropolitan College

BUMC offers mostly Business courses to international students. You can start to apply here for the third semester period and upward.

2.      UCLA Extension

Situated in Los Angeles, UCLA Extension offers extension programs for international students. After applying, you can start studying from semester 3. UCLA Extension is a great place for international students to learn Business or get a Data Science certificate.

3.      University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk is one of Britain’s popular destinations for international students to learn Business. Unlike most universities, which require a minimum GPA of 3.0, the University of Suffolk only needs a GPA of a minimum of 2.5.

4.      Cologne Business School

Cologne Business School is a great place to study Business in Germany. It has lighter requirements; students only need a GPA of 2.5 and proof of Academic English passing. BINUS UNIVERSITY students can apply to study starting from the third semester.

Learning in another country is definitely something with numerous benefits. If you are a student at INTERNATIONAL, do not skip the opportunities to sign up for the Study Abroad program. Apply now and get memorable learning experiences.