About us

Binus Case Center, founded in 2007, is a dedicated unit in Binus University to produce high‐quality case studies for teaching and learning process at business schools and professional training at companies. It adopted Harvard Business School and Ivey Business School-style of case study in which a case is focused around an actor facing business dilemmas to make some critical business decisions. It has published more than 200 cases till date, featuring more than 100 national and multi-national companies.
Binus Case Center has proven methods to ensure the quality of the case study through strict reviewing processes, quality management and case test run. In 2011, Binus Business School was awarded with MURI record as the largest and the fastest business school in producing case studies. It also published a book entitled Indonesian Business Cases and won few case study competitions at national and international level.
We look forward to a mutual beneficial cooperation.
Best regards,
BINUS Case Center