Queensland University of Technology, Australia (3+1) – Marketing

In cooperation with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Business School, Australia,  BINUS Business School International Undergraduate Program offers a Dual Degree program, where students will be able to obtain Sarjana Ekonomi/S.E. (Binus University) and Bachelor of Business/B.Bus (QUT). This program was designed to provide students with skills and knowledge, and experience to thrive in business and marketing in the global context. This Dual Degree program is also known as 3+1 program because students will spend 3 years studying in Binus University, Indonesia and 1 year in QUT, Australia.

The distribution of semesters for this program is as follows:

  • The first five semesters, students will be studying at BINUS University, following a set of courses agreed by both universities.
  • In the semester 6 and 7, students will be studying at QUT, Brisbane, Australia, following approximately 32 unit courses each semester. The courses will be determined by QUT.
  • In the 8th or last semester, students will return to BINUS University to complete the final thesis.

 What Will You Be Learning? 

Year 1 and Year 2

In your 1st and 2nd year, you will focus on strengthening your general knowledge in Business Management, by learning the theory of all business-related aspects.  You will learn solid theoretical basis and take core courses in the field of Business Management, which covers disciplines of Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Operation, and Finance. Some of the courses that you will have to take in your first two years would be:

Introduction to Management and Business*
Management Information Systems for Leader
Business Mathematics
Business Economics
Legal Aspects in Business
Marketing Management
Consumer Psychology and Behavior
Accounting for Business
Business Statistics
Managing Business Information
Human Resources Management
Operations Management
Financial Management
Business Communication
Business Sustainability
Research Methodology
Multinational Corporate Management
Business Ethics

In semester 5 ahead, you will focus on developing your knowledge in the Marketing disciplines. During this semester, you will take the following courses:

Applied Marketing Research
Pricing Management and Strategy
Family Business in Indonesia
Digital and Social Media Marketing
Business Venturing
Marketing Channels
Product and Brand Management

Year 3 and Year 4

In semester 6 and 7, you will be studying with Queensland University of Technology, Australia. You will be taking approximately 32 credit units to complete your Dual Degree part with QUT. Most of these courses would be marketing-related courses as well.

After completing your courses with the QUT, you will return to Binus University to start your Thesis writing and take a couple more courses.