A team that consisted of three students from BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, Team #KomitmenBaja, managed to become the 2nd place winner of the 7th PPM Regional Business Case Competition 2016. In the competition that focused on “Redefining Business towards Leadership and Sustainable Growth in the Dynamics of Regional Economy: The Case of PT Tatalogam Lestari”, Dwiana Wahyudi, Nathan Putera, and Jessica Andreanie delivered outstanding performances in the presentation, debate, and question and answer session.

In this business case competition, Team #KomitmenBaja focused on three issues of PT Tatalogam Lestari – the market, sustainability, and competition – and summarized those issues into one solution which was called “Integrated Housing Solution”. “Actually we tried to integrate a solution with PT Tatalogam Lestari’s existing application. However, in our opinion, the application isn’t suitable yet with their aimed target market – the millennials,” explained Dwiana.

Dwiana said that Team #KomitmenBaja first identified the characteristics of the millennials, combined the results with digital media marketing, did comparisons with the already existing application, and then they redesigned that application with two major additions – Visual Experience and KPR (Kredit Pemilikan Rumah) Simulation. With those additions, the application will deliver a more detailed and practical experience to its users.

As for their success factor, the team admitted that commitment from them and the supervisor lecturer was the most crucial factor. “Our different backgrounds were also an important factor that made our solution became more solid,” added Jessica.

Jessica also said that if there is an opportunity to compete, do not hesitate to take it because total support will be given by the campus and lecturers. According to her, there are many things that can be learned from a competition, especially the application of knowledge that might not be able to be obtained in the classroom only.

“Do not be reluctant and think that you won’t make it. Just take a chance because we have really supportive coaches and an accommodating campus,” said Nathan.

Dwiana added that business school students won’t get anything if they never face a real business and its problems. Therefore, the best way to obtain knowledge and gain experience is to learn from real business owners. In addition, she said that the shortest path to learning is by joining competitions.

“This competition brought us together with eleven other teams, and we could listen to their opinions and obtain more knowledge. In a short time, we could get so many things from them,” said Dwiana.

Team #KomitmenBaja’s coach lecturer, Dr. Peri A. Manaf, expressed his admiration towards the team. Dr. Peri said that the team is a role model for every Binusian. They showed us that if knowledge is being supported by enthusiasm and persistency, it will result in the highest appreciation, including in competitions.

He revealed that the team sacrificed a lot in preparing for this competition – from managing time between coaching sessions and field surveys that were done among classes, writing the report and preparing for the final exam, and so on. But he said that the team never complained.

“Kudos to Team #KomitmenBaja. Congratulations for your achievement and I hope you can spread the #KomitmenBaja mentality to the other Binusians,” added Dr. Peri.