International Business

Student Testimonials

These are some of the testimonials about studying International Business program in Binus University International

“The International Business program in Binus gave me exposure to how the international market works and the awareness of what is happening globally. It also supplied me with cultural sensitivity and the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively. Moreover, the tasks really encouraged me to become a more organized person. “

Denny Hartanto, Binusian 2018, DD in Cologne Business School

I gained experience from leading a student club, being as a project leader. These activities gave an excel in my study, as well as organizational skills. My greatest goal is to create a positive value that benefit from learning in the IB program. I hope all potential students, parents, partners, and even alumni; could contribute to the successful of this program, and be willing to contribute in the society .

Raditya Razzaqa Raharja, Binusian 2018, DD in Victoria University of Wellington.



  “The double degree program has helped me to develop myself even better than just being in the comfort of my homeland. Far away from Indonesia, this program has taught me to be more independent and more assertive. The city of Cologne is rich with diversity, which can be seen from the amount of international students and teachers in the university. Not only CBS has excellent courses, they also very keen to help us with any inquiries. Thus it has help us students to be more engaging and blend in with the rest of the international community. It is truly an experience of a lifetime. I encourage all future binusian to step out of your comfort zone and keep developing yourself.”

Dewi Marselina Achmad   Binusian 2019, DD in Cologne Business School