International Business

Master Grande Ecole in IESEG School of Management



This program is a combination of Binus University International Bachelor Degree with IESEG School of Management Master Grande Ecole (MGE) program. Students who are interested in joining this program, are entitled to complete a 4-year bachelor program in Binus University International, while entering into the Master cycle (final 2 years) of the Master Grande Ecole (MGE) Program at IÉSEG. Hence a package of 5.5 – 6 years program will receive both the BINUS Bachelor Degree and the IESEG MGE Degree as accredited by the French Ministry of Education.

The Master Track Program consists of BINUS students completing the first 3 years of the BINUS 4-year Bachelor Program followed by the 2-year Master Cycle of the MGE Program at IESEG. IESEG shall accept the successfully completed 3 years at BINUS as counting 180 ECTS credits towards the MGE Program curriculum. Master Track Program students succeeding in Year 4 under the Academic Regulations and Marking System of IÉSEG shall pass into Year 5. Master Track Program students succeeding in Year 5 under the Academic Regulations and Marking System of IÉSEG shall be candidates to receive the Master Grande Ecole Degree of IÉSEG.

During their current Master curriculum of Years 4 and 5 at IÉSEG, Binus students will study:

  1. Two academic semesters of study (in English) equaling 60 ECTS Credits;
  2. One academic semester of internship, which can be completed in France or elsewhere around the world; The Master Track Program students wishing to complete their internship in France must speak an acceptable level of French. All Master Track Program students shall be required to take French language courses at IESEG as part of their Program.
  3. One semester devoted to the preparation and presentation of the student’s Master Thesis.

For more information, please visit IESEG Master Grand Ecole (MGE) website