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Dono Boestami, Trying to Free Jakarta from Traffic Congestion


Jakarta is expected to face total traffic jam in 2020 unless the government finds solution to fix the public transportation system. This situation has become a real urgency since the current length road development percentage is only 0.01% while there are about 1000 new vehicles hit Jakarta every year. Looking way back, public transportation has never gained enough attention from the authorities since 1975.

The data taken from Jakarta Transportation Agency show that there are three phases of motorcycles and cars development since 1975; 1975-1994 is stable development phase, 1995-2000 is moderate development, and from 2001 until now is rapid development. Since 1975, the development ratio of public bus is only 1.2%. On the other hand, the ratio for bikes and cars are above 30% and 12%.

The imbalance between the development of the road and the private vehicles have increased the possibility of total traffic jam in 2020. The economic loss potential because of such condition can be as high as Rp 65 billions every year. This number is accumulated from several aspects, such as time wasted on the road, fuel, and health concerns due to pollution.

Therefore, Jakarta Mass Rapid Transportation (Jakarta MRT) has been proposed as a solution to prevent the potential traffic jam and economic loss. However, there are still a lot of critics and skepticism towards this huge project since its launching on October 2013. Yet, the infrastructure development of MRT is showing good signs and expected to fully operate by 2018. As a matter of fact, Jakarta MRT Phase I construction work (North and South Line, Lebak Bulus-Hotel Indonesia traffic circle, Bundaran HI) is already 44,45% completed as per March 2016.

This MRT project has been planned since 25 years ago along with various researches to smooth this megaproject. However, this project was delayed because of several obstacles, such as the South East Asia financial crisis in 1996 and political turmoil. PT MRT Jakarta, as the operator and the authority of this project, has been established since June 2008 but the construction project itself only began in 2013 due to various problems. In the coming years, MRT is expected to reduce up to 30% Jakarta traffic problems. MRT is listed in The Top 20 Infrastructures Project According to World Finance Magazine.

PT MRT Jakarta President Director Dono Boestami is one of the key people behind this project. As an investment professional, he has tons of experience since 2001 most notably as PT Danareksa Director of Investment Banking, President Director of Citigroup Securities Indonesia in 2004, Director of Barclays Capital Securities Indonesia (2004-2006), and as CEO of Atlas Resources Tbk (June 2011). He finally joined PT MRT Jakarta in 2013.

Taking Charge as Leader to Unite Stakeholders

Dono Boestami views his responsibility to be the head of MRT Jakarta as a mission. “Few of my colleagues in Ministry of Finance questioned my decision to take this position, my initiative on leading such a huge project and my ability to unite all the stakeholders with one vision. I tell them that if I didn’t do it, then who else would it be? A little initiative to create synergy is essential to overcome this traffic problems,” he said on “CEO Speaks on Leadership” which was held by Binus Business School on Friday (6/3) at JWC Campus, Senayan.

MRT project have several complicated issues to deal with, such as finance, preparation, and the construction phases which involve lots of interested parties. Dono is willing to sacrifice his life to take on this challenges because he is eager to put traffic problems in Jakarta to an end. He shares his experience on how he has to interact and convince all the stakeholders – Transportation Agency, Jasa Marga and Permit Office among others – to make sure this project will be managed professionally.

He also adds that another challenge is that he has to work with a team that is mostly composed of Gen Y workers. As a result, he tries not to be rigid on his approach. He always emphasize the importance of working professionally, growing as a team, learning new things all the time as well as minimizing work errors since they are doing crucial work. Jakarta MRT is the first Metro System in Indonesia with automatic work operation and this team will create memorable history by finishing it.

If he successfully finishes this project, Dono Boestami will go down in Indonesia transportation history as the leader of the first MRT project. Therefore, he is working at his best to unite all the stakeholders and interested parties in order to solve the traffic problems for the benefits of Jakarta people.

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