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AVA Prologue, Leading through Brand Investment

We now live in a competitive era, where a brand needs to create a unique characteristic that can be easily recognized by customers and make them feel emotional relation with the brand. AVA Prologue, a ready-to-wear fashion brand in Indonesia, has been doing this since the beginning to win against their competitors.

AVA Prologue was founded three years ago by Ursula Wantah, Guida Arrezi, Dian Aisyah, and Dewi Andarini. Being childhood friends, they often meet up only to share stories and gossips. From this friendship, they came up with the idea to create a fashion brand together. This idea is based on one vision, which is an elegant but multipurpose clothes for women.

With different educational and work backgrounds, they started AVA Prologue, their own fashion brand. Guida works in designer field and Ursula has a marketing degree. While Dian works in finance and Dewi has a clothing line. “We combine our knowledge and experience. Somehow, the four of us made a quite solid team,” said Guida on Fashion Nation 10th Edition Senayan City (Monday, 20/4), where AVA Prologue presented their monochromatic collection.

Ursula and Guida, both graduated from Creative Marketing Program at Binus Business School, realize the importance of brand investment. Ursula thinks there are many local fashion brands who are not ready to take brand investment seriously. Guida explains that brand investment can help manage fashion brand into top of mind and become different with other competitors, which keep increasing these days. “By investing in building brand, it can result in having customer loyalty and creating top of mind awareness. This also means we don’t have to directly compete in creating awareness of our brand for customers. Brand awareness is built when we started brand investment since the beginning. Brand investment is very important to differentiate your brand,” said Guida.

Same with Guida, Ursula disagrees with the opinion of some people that marketing only needs limited budget. “I think this is not right. At the end of the day, all products are the same,” said Ursula. AVA Prologue invests quite a lot for brand development. One of their ways to develop their brand is by participating in prestigious fashion show, such as Fashion Nation X Edition by Senayan City and Jakarta Fashion Week. “We’re up for the challenge to join those shows. The return value is not only from selling profit, but we also got customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. The customers are happy with what we present, and also experiencing behind the scene, concept, and other details. Maybe only certain brands can present their works brilliantly,” said Ursula.

With their hard work, AVA Prologue has been published in many media in Indonesia, from style and fashion media like Dewi magazine to Kompas newspaper. They also have customers from other regions, including Malaysia, Brunei, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and United States. Their brand was introduced to customers from these regions through digital marketing. Interestingly, AVA Prologue is only a side project for its founding members. All of them still have full-time job. “There are a lot of challenges because we still have our own jobs, and we only work part-time at AVA Prologue. But thanks to God, the result is good enough,” said Guida.

In the future, each of the founding members will work full-time at AVA Prologue. This way, they can be more serious in developing their brand, expanding their market in one or two years, and building offline shops.

AVA Prologue at Fashion Nation 10th Edition

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