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Ni Luh Putu Ayu Setiawati, Successful with Good Support System

To celebrate Kartini Day, Binus Business School (BBS), make some students and alumnae’s profiles who share Kartini’s spirit through their life and their way to become successful in professional world. Hopefully, these profiles can inspire and motivates women to achieve their dreams.

Ni Luh Putu Ayu Setiawati has impressive achievements at brand management, especially in pharmaceutical industry. As Brand Executive, she successfully guided Kalpanax brand breaking sales records in 2009 and earned her promotion into Brand Manager. She repeated her success with diarrhea drug, Entrostop. With these achievements, she claimed the runner-up place on BII-Femina Career Women Competition 2012/2013. What’s the secret behind all of Ayu’s success in career and family?

Ayu reveals that women can be successful at both career and family as long as they can maintain a strong support system. “These women surely have caring husbands, supportive families and probably good financial conditions. They should also have strong objectives on what they want to do and be the enablers,” said Ayu.

On top of that, Ayu is feeling grateful since her husband backs her to develop her career. “I’ll be right here waiting for you wherever you go to pursue your dreams. I still love you no matter what,” she recalled what her husband told her back when they were dating. Ten years of relationship has helped her husband to understand her ambitions. As the best graduate from Faculty Mathematics and Natural Sciences University of Indonesia, Ayu has been claiming achievements since college. “I don’t think I can achieve half of what I achieved now if I’m not married to him,” she admitted gratefully.

Yet, Ayu insists that she doesn’t take her husband’s support for granted as she always tries to maintain work-life balance. She admits that there are still many women who believes that they cannot have a successful career and family, but she isn’t one of them. “Woman has to perform outside of workplace. It means her children are doing well at school and have strong characters, and her husband is successful and taken care of. Meanwhile she has a tremendous achievement in her career. There is nothing impossible in this world. However, I’m sure there is an extremely great support system behind these women,” she added.

Ni Luh Putu Ayu Setiawati

Developing a Work Career

In building her career, Ayu does five things in her life. First, she constantly evaluates her position and things that she can improve to enhance her abilities and skills. She said “I always try to maintain my self-awareness and recognize what I’m lacking. Then I set timeline for myself when I have to fill up what is lacking.” Second, she tries to develop herself by making friends and building networks. Third, she always considers herself as a student and is willing to learn, be criticized and be developed. Fourth, she really appreciates people around her as she believes all of her success is not only the result of her hardwork, but also teamwork. “Teamwork is the key point of success,” she said. Fifth, she always maintains good spirit and can-do attitude.

She explains that the hardest part throughout her career is to juggle between a full-time job and family life. To overcome it, she asks for understanding and full support from her husband and family as well as being grateful so she doesn’t feel stressed when faced with obstacles or challenges. With her current success and her husband’s support, her targert is to be Chief Marketing Officer post at 40 years old. “I still have 6 years to achieve my target. I still need more exposure in this marketing industry; strategically, story building, socialize and scientifically,” she continued.

She suggests all professional women to know their exact goals and dreams. Then, determine the ways you want to achieve it, set a clear timeline, and keep learning new things that can improve your work experience. “Learn more and follow your passion in working. And one more thing, never be afraid of trying something new,” she said. Further, Ayu feels that she achieved the summit of her career when she contributed greatly in organization, either in achieving target or developing new leaders.

Ayu believes that every woman has equal opportunity with men to create something. Women can assist men by being a good wife and mother or giving financial support. She concluded, “Above all, Kartini always underlines that women have to stay tough and keep their spirit, because there is always light after darkness.”

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