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Diena Tjiptadi, Commitment Leads to Success

To commemorate Kartini Day, Binus Business School (BBS), make some students and alumnae’s profiles who share Kartini’s spirit through their life and their way to become successful in professional world. Hopefully, these profiles can inspire and motivates women to achieve their dreams.

Diena Tjiptadi is well-experienced on pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia. She began her career with Japanese research-based pharmaceutical company Eisai Indonesia in 1991. After that, she joined Roche Indonesia, Combiphar, Abbot Indonesia, Johnson and Johnson Indonesia before she returned to PT Eisai Indonesia in 2007 where she currently works as CEO since 2015.

Diena has made several milestones on her career, most notably on increasing market share of certain pharmaceutical brands. She managed to double the sales for two years (2002-2004) when she was the Division Head of Pharmaceutical Product Division (Rx and Consumer) at Abott Indonesia (2002-2005). Further, she successfully released Reductil (anti-obesity) and claimed 16% market shares within five months and 39% closing market shares. When she worked for Roche Indonesia in 1999, she managed to re-launch one of the cardiovascular products and raise the sales up to 173% in the next year.

What is Diena’s recipe to be very successful? She revealed that her secret is her hardworking ethic, which she considers as key point to be successful. She does whatever it takes to be successful and even sacrificed her time with family. “I started my career in pharmaceutical industry with hard work and strong commitment. I sacrificed all of my time to learn as much as possible, I even sacrificed my family time because I believe it’s something that I have to do,” she revealed the reasons behind her success.

Dina Tjiptadi

Diena continues by saying that hardworking alone is never enough for women to be successful. She said she often sees her peer or her subordinate has to choose between career and family. Therefore, she emphasizes that commitment is important for women in order to progress and develop their professional career. “Indonesian women have to work very hard to prove their skills and show their commitment in order to reach top positions. Commitment is something that we have to take into account when we develop strategies for resources development. Women staffs are asked to confirm their commitment over and over again, especially in middle management,” said Diena, who is also an alumna of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bogor Agriculture Institute.

Regarding workplace competition between men and women, she said that the boards need more time to be sure that women are competent and committed enough for more challenging work in the future. “My own track records show that it does take time for me to be in this position,” she recalled. Although she has faith on her own skills and abilities, it’s still a challenge and obstacle that she has to overcome in order to climb the career ladder.  She continues, “The thing is I have to wait for my time to arrive while I fully believe that I’m more than capable and have enough competencies for more responsible position. The other problem is to convince our superiors that we have the ability.”

To overcome these problems, Diena still maintains her performance and develops good relations with her superiors and co-workers. “Try to communicate the success you earn in a good way and hopefully your superiors can acknowledge your success. Intense communications are not solely for your success, but also about the potential failure that you might get and providing alternative solutions,” she said.

Diena also keeps learning to enhance her knowledge apart from her pharmaceutical expertise. She tries to come out from her own comfort zone and try to learn new things and discusses them with other divisions. It is something that she suggests to professional women so they can optimize their potential, which are getting out of your comfort zone, dare to challenge, and take criticisms and feedbacks in stride.

As a leader, Diena aims to become more helpful in creating human resources with higher competencies and more ready for challenges. For Diena, her highest achievement is when she can witness her workers developed and earn better position after she trained them.

As a company leader, Diena sees Kartini as a symbol of bravery to fight against the status quo. She believes that Kartini cleared the path for women so they can step up and show others that they are up to the challenges. It is similar to what she is doing now, as she cleared path not only for women, but also for men to earn better position.

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