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What Professionals Should Prepare for the AEC

Indonesia has entered the second year of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) implementation and integration processes. In relation to this, several competencies should be possessed by professionals in order to win competition in this era. Some of these competencies are the ability to interact with other people from different cultural backgrounds, capability to think globally, English fluency, and innovative character. The issue was brought up at the Knowledge Update forum, held by Binus Business School at JWC Campus on Saturday (19/3).

“Fluency in English becomes a chief  requirement, in addition to several other requirements, to compete on the AEC era. The problem is within us, even in academics, who assume that it is foreign workers who have to learn Bahasa Indonesia because Indonesia is a big market in its region,” Tubagus Hanafi conveyed, Binus Business School’s MM Executive Programme Head at the Knowledge Update forum, on the topic of “People Development Challenges in ASEAN Economic Community”, on Saturday.

Having a global perspective, according to Hanafi, means that professionals’ way of thinking must not be limited only within their countries’ regions. “Open up your mind, possibilities, and the desire to work in various plalces around the world. Most Indonesian people only plan to work within Indonesia and hardly accept any offer to work overseas because of a number of factor and reason, for example, family and other matters,” said Hanafi.

Tubagus Hanafi, Binus Business School’s MM Executive Programme Head at the Knowledge Update forum, brought the topic of “People Development Challenges in ASEAN Economic Community
Tubagus Hanafi, Binus Business School’s MM Executive Programme Head at the Knowledge Update forum, brought the topic of “People Development Challenges in ASEAN Economic Community

It is already widely realized that integrated ASEAN is a great economic region and competitive enough in comparison to China. Tubagus Hanafi conveyed, “Why has ASEAN become sexy? It makes an effective ground for big plants. Internet developments will make this area better connected. And the important thing is that ASEAN’s debt ratio is still below 50% compared to its GDP. This is such a contrast against the US which ratio is well above.”

However, there are yet a lot of work to do for the AEC. Key factor to AEC realization, according to Hanafi, is the political will, coordination, and resource mobilization, implementation arrangements, institution intensification and capacity building, consultation as well as communication between public and private sectors.

Hanafi also displayed a survey result of a survey towards 240 professionals and businessmen in ten ASEAN countries about their perception towards AEC realization. Most of the respondents have had 22 years of working experience. The survey shows that despite ASEAN integration, expectations of AEC’s overall impacts are still not clear and the true potential of ASEAN integration are not yet known.

Speaking of competitiveness, a majority of respondents coming from companies (employers) prefer investing in a program to build capacity in management and leadership domains to cutting costs in order to improve productivity. More specifically, companies conveyed that they tend to choose investment on better training programmes for employees, which in turn will increase competitiveness, followed by investment on innovation and paying higher salaries. Meanwhile regarding skills, employees with university education still have to be improved in order to adapt to the needs of dynamic industries.

Binus Business School, with its vision to become a reputable business school in ASEAN and a commitment to high-quality education, is the right choice for professionals and aspiring professional in preparing their competences in AEC era of competition.

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