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Understanding E-Commerce Industry Deeper with AliExpress and Zoomy WiFi International

On June 3, 2015, BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL (BBS) held a seminar in cooperation with AliExpress, a subsidiary of the online shopping marketplace Alibaba, and Zoomy WiFi Solution International. Development of e-commerce industry was the theme of the seminar taking place in Joseph Wibowo Center, Senayan campus.

Feature speakers were Tjan Gito, Alibaba Group Senior Business Development Manager of Global Operations, and Leo Huang, Zoomy WiFi Solution International Business Director. Both spekaers shared information on the development of e-commerce to the audience that was dominated by the BBS’ Creative Marketing students.

On the occasion of presentation, Tjan Gito shared information on his current company’s strategy for capturing wide business opportunity within global industry. Gito stated, competition within the global trade industry is increasingly stiff, as the use of technology and information access breaks out, forcing companies to look for ideas for benefiting from opportunities available within today’s market.

“Market opportunity in the industry is still very wide open. Although the number of industry players is growing, market opportunity is very wide open, along with the development of information and technology. In Indonesia, for example, mobile industry development reaches double digits every year,” said Gito.

While admitting that the number of players within his industry is increasing, Gito rejected an assumption that all other companies are competitors. In his opinion, increase in the number of players within an industry signifies that the market is still likely potential.

Even so, AliExpress makes the best to provide prime seriously services by working the market. This global company seeks to meet consumers’ needs from across the world by providing different services from other players in the same industry.

To be able to meet market needs, Gito mentioned 3 three key factors to consider. Traffic, payment, logistic, according to Gito, are the keys to working the current e-commerce market. “If you successfully master these 3 factors, your business will go according to plan,” he added.

However, Gito added, they are not the sole factor in the effort to meet today’s market needs. Market condition, Gito said, constantly changes. To keep up with that, companies must be keenly aware of existing opportunities. Additionally, service providers must be able to move as dynamic as the current market condition. One way is to build competitive advantage of the company. “Running a business process as usual is not enough. Everyone can do that. There must be a differentiation,” he emphasized.

So what kind of competitive advantage does AliExpress have to win the competition? Gito said, AliExpress’ unique value proposition is that this company constantly carries out educative promotional programs. Therefore, don’t be surprised when AliBaba’s hard-selling promotions are nowhere to be found. “We never do marketing things. We educate public through certain communities,” said Gito.

AliBaba and its subsidiaries are known as companies that run “community-based” marketing concepts. AliBaba Group’s advertisements are rarely found in any media lines. According to Gito, communities has been the life of his company. “Their (community’s) strength is admirable. They can shape the public’s perception of a product,” explained Gito.

On the other hand, Leo Huang highlighted the significance of WiFi network for e-commerce business development that has attracted a great portion of attention. WiFi network infrastructure has become a very important factor, given the fact that consumers are increasingly mobile. “Today’s consumers can make transactions anywhere and anytime. It is crucial for service providers that target global market. Time difference between marketplaces requires open and user-friendly internet access,” said Huang.

This seminar is part of a serial event held by BBS, with AliExpress and Zoomy WiFi International’s support. In addition to it, another workshop on how to run an e-commerce business is coming up at Joseph Wibowo Center campus for BBS students, which will go through 4 meetings for the whole month. (RAW)

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