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Welcoming Ahmad Syamil, the New Deputy Dean BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL

Many years of journeying overseas did not cause Ahmad Syamil to forget his homeland. After 25 years of experience in American academia,as a student and lecturer,Syamil decided to return to Indonesia. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Syamil has joined BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL to continue his academic career.

In 1989, Syamil completed his study in the department of Mechanical Engineering, at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). He was busy writing his final task when he realised his interest in the world of research. Syamil recalled this moment as the turning point for his future academic and career journey.

Having graduated from ITB, Syamil decided to move to Jakarta and worked in a heavy equipment and steel manufacturing company as project engineer. Despite his decision to work in Jakarta,his desire for research did not recede. Syamil accordingly looked for scholarship opportunities.

“Scholarships are provided by a wide variety of institutions. There are three paths of scholarship. First, scholarships from institutions such as workplaces and scholarship agencies. Secondly, from foreign countries and third,from universities,? said Syamil.

He took the third path and was awarded a scholarship at the University of Houston, Texas. He earned an MBA in 1993. Syamil decided to continue his study into a doctoral programme at the University of Tolode in Ohio, US. During his doctoral study, Syamil majored in ?Manufacturing Management and Engineering. A joint degree between the College of Business and College of Engineering? and minored in ?Statistics, Management Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis/Management Science?.

Having written a dissertation titled ?International benchmarking of integrated product development practices in the auto industry supply chain: A Multigroup invariance analysis?, Syamil graduated in 2000 with a Ph.D.

From then on, he enriched his expertise. Operations management, business statistics, management science, management information systems, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, customer relationship management, business analytics, data mining and decision support systems are among Syamil?s areas of expertise.

From 1993 to 2015, Syamil served as a lecturer in his college. He held numerous positions: teaching and research assistant, instructor, assistant professor, as well as associate professor.

Syamil?s daily routine was filled with research papers and lecturing materials. “According to my beliefs, life should be beneficial for others. Teaching is a way that I can share the knowledge I have with others. It is one of the most compelling reasons why I became an educator,” said Syamil.

Syamil was noted for his involvement in the Indonesian Students Association in the United States, and was co-founder of the Indonesian Diaspora Network, chairman of the Board of Experts of ICMI in North America, co-founder and on the board of trustee members of the Asian Society for International Relations and Public Affairs, and Vice President of the Association for Operations Management in Northeast Arkansas, US.

Syamil is also the co-founder of Indonesian Production and Operations Management, a certification and training body in the field of operations management. In addition to that, Syamil helped establish KomTek, an online organization providing training in IT sciences.

His Heart Calling Back Home

In 2015, Syamil decided to return back home to Indonesia. He did this to fulfill his heart?s calling that had distracted him when he was still in the US. Before making up his mind to return to Indonesia, Syamil sought the right educational institution for him.

Despite many offers that came from a number of universities and companies in Indonesia, Syamil made his BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL his choice. Reputation was a determining factor in Syamil?s decision-making process.

“My research suggested that BINUS is an organization that rapidly develops and has earned an excellent reputation. In my opinion, BINUS has the ability to provide numerous opportunities for me to build my future,whilst on the other hand, I can also give my best contribution to this campus, “said Syamil.

Welcome to the big family of BINUSIANS, Dr. Ahmad Syamil, CFPIM, CSCP, CQM/OE!


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