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Case Study BINUSIAN Received another Award in the International Level

BINUSIAN engraved its name again in the international education competition after the pair of Robert A. Butarbutar and Tegas Adi Prasanda received the second prize in AESE Case Writing Competition titled: “Kawasaki Ninja 250R: Heading for Success through Product Strategy, Blue Ocean and Brand Leveraging”.

Robert who’s a lecturer in Joseph Wibowo Center (JWC) campus, collaborated with Tegas (Robert’s student at BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL (BBS)) doing a case study which was developed from Tegas’ thesis.

From hundreds of case studies submitted in this competition, the work of Robert and Tegas entered the big six stage then chosen to be the second best.

 Case study: Kawasaki Ninja 250R: Heading for Success through Product Strategy, Blue Ocean and Brand Leveraging”

Robert explained that his participation in this competition was incidental. A staff of BINUS Case Center signed up his case study which had been made since 2010.

This case study started with a thesis by Tegas with the same title, and at that time it was Robert who became the advisor. Since the beginning of the process, Robert and Tegas agreed to make this thesis become a case study that later Robert would work on by himself.

The idea came up after both of them discussed what would be appropriate for the thesis title. To his students, Robert always mentions that when making either a thesis or a case study, they should take an example from what they love and from things around them.

“It should start from your passion. Many things could be dug up from there. If it starts from the passion, the process of doing it would be easy. It is not easy working on thesis,” Robert said.

Soon after, a Kawasaki Ninja 250R motorcycle crossed in front of Robert and Tegas. Spontaneously Robert asked to Tegas what his hobby was. Tegas answered that automotive was his interest, and then Robert suggested that bike should be the research object for his thesis.

Both agreed that the presence of the bike at that moment was phenomenal. Kawasaki Ninja 250R appeared in the middle of the saturation of the automotive market. There were too many small capacity motorcycles while the demand of big capacity kept growing. The demand couldn’t be met yet. At that time, big motorcycles cost a lot and the numbers were very limited.

Surprisingly a product with a big size but affordable appeared in the market. The price was less expensive than other similar types of big motorcycles. Kawasaki Ninja 250R successfully answered the need of the automotive market in Indonesia at that time. Here, the Blue Ocean theory was used by Robert as well as Tegas.

“At that time the market of big motorcycles was dominated by big manufacturers that only produced limited and exclusive products. Meanwhile, the demand of that kind of type of big motorcycle came from many levels in Indonesia – not only from the rich. Kawasaki could see the opportunity that was still categorized as Blue Ocean at that time,” Robert said.

On the other side, the presence of Kawasaki Ninja 250R could increase the name of Kawasaki manufacturer entering the same stage with other big motorcycle manufacturers. Previously, this Japanese manufacturer’s name was seldom heard compared to other competitors in the same industry. Here, Robert related this case to the Brand Leveraging theory which was often found in marketing theory books.

The result of this research later became Tegas’ thesis and Robert’s case study. Robert is also a case study expert at BBS.

This AESE Case Writing Competition is a prestigious case study competition in the world. In a year, The Case Center, established since 1973, makes 8-10 programs from various level regions. AESE itself is a business school in Portugal which pioneered the method of case study in its educational system. (RAW)

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