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“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”


 Many people struggle, sacrificing time, money, and energy for the sake of the sweet fruit of education. Education has an important role in building one’s character and skills. This applies to both the ordinary man on the street, and to celebrities in their ivory towers of wealth and prestige.

Celebrities are considered to have everything, but the most important factor for a long and comfortable career is education. Some famous people are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to educate themselves, in order to protect themselves from fame’s fickle spotlight moving on elsewhere.

One such celebrity is Junior Liem, an actor and a student at BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL. He is well-known for his film and television roles, and his persistence in his studies. Although he is very busy as an actor, few people know that he is an engineering graduate, and that he has now switched disciplines to complete a master’s degree on the Strategic Marketing program.



Junior Liem, Actor and MM Creative Marketing Student
Junior Liem, Actor and MM Creative Marketing Student


An Accidental Actor

Junior started his career on screen when he appeared in a candy commercial in 2007. He said that his appearance in that advertisement was accidental. A year before, Junior had been offered a casting for a commercial. At that time, he was at the end of his last year in university. Since then he has been offered many film roles and gone on to make a name for himself in the acting world in movies such as ‘Operation Wedding’, ‘Lima Elang (Five Hawks) and ‘Kamulah satu-satunya (You Are the Only One).

Never Forget Education

As a child, Junior felt obliged to make his parents happy. One of the ways of making them happy was by prioritizing education in his life. “Knowledge is the greatest treasure and no-one can it take away from you. That’s why you should study hard,” said Junior imitating his father’s voice.  Junior’s passion for study has remained strong. “While there was a chance, why not? If I delayed it, I was afraid my plan to take a master’s degree wouldn’t happen. I had the time and resources for study, so why wait longer?” said Junior.

In the first year of college, Junior did not find any difficulties in following the process. He was enthusiastic attending classes and devoured all of the materials. He started to love the study of marketing.

Being an engineering graduate, it would seem safe to assume that studying marketing would represent a challenge, but Junior rose to that challenge having had an interest in the marketing world for years. “I’m planning to run a business. With the marketing knowledge I’ve received from BBS, I hope that it will support my dream. Marketing could also help my career in the entertainment world”.

Junior believes that as an actor, good marketing strategies are necessary. Dynamic competition in the entertainment industry nowadays demands that actors are able to market their skills effectively. “The entertainment industry is so fast-moving. It needs creativity to be able to compete. One way to do that is by good marketing.”


"I had the time and resources for study, so why wait longer?” said Junior
“I had the time and resources for study, so why wait longer?” said Junior



Studying Marketing in the Real World

For Junior, learning theories in the context of real-life incidents is a fast way to understand how those theories play out. The materials given are easily understood since they discuss real-life case studies. The lectures are fun and make him curious to learn more.

Furthermore, the lecturers – who are also practitioners – was another benefit he got from studying at BBS. He said that the lecturers have great passion in delivering their lectures. That, according to Junior, is the most important thing any educator should have. Students will feel comfortable and be able to finish their study.

Junior hopes to attain his master’s degree by the end of the year. “I’m catching up on several things I missed when I took leave. This year hopefully everything will be fulfilled and I’m eager to apply the knowledge I’ve learned in my future career.” (RAW)


Junior hopes to attain his master’s degree by the end of the year
Junior hopes to attain his master’s degree by the end of the year


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