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Ascending The Academic Heights

Oktober 09 , 2012


In Indonesia, taking a master degree is still considered luxury for most people since it requires quite amount of financial support and time. This mindset, however, is not accompanied with the awareness on how important a postgraduate program is. No wonder why many younger generations are not stretching themselves a higher academic height after an undergraduate degree. What is lacking though is not to say the promotion of each postgraduate program available throughout the country per se, but more on the benefits to be understood by them, both as an individual and a citizen, to claim a better human resource quality and consequently contribute much more to the society.

While this sound is too noble, but the fact that education does play a significant role in one country is inevitable. If there are a lot of educated people in one country, the nation then can be defined as a great country for sure. Well informed people with advanced skills certainly have an influence overcome and dominate the natural resources that their country has without foreign interference. This is what a prosperous country does every now and then.

Indonesia is not there yet, but constantly making a progress. Sadly to say, we can see a lot of industries of coal, oil, and mining, for instance, are somehow managed by foreigners. Not enough skill and academic knowledge over the specific business may remain the two main reasons leading to this situation. Nonetheless, local resources are still abundant up to present. Opportunity to turn the table, perhaps, is very much attainable. It is also unsettling to realize that this kind of industry can actually absorb numerous local workers, in particular those well educated graduates. If only our knowledge and skill were ready to harvest the nation’s plethora of resources.


At least, the mindset of local students has never seen better days than at present. With the increasing number of Bachelor’s degree students, more and more of them embrace innovative and idealistic thoughts to constantly widen their horizon rather than just being mediocre undergraduates. Some prefer to establish their own business or work within multi-national companies, yet many students opt for extending their study to postgraduate for a more promising career prospect in the future. But how important is it a postgraduate degree these days?

For a person who strives to have a better career prospect, a postgraduate program is simply a necessity worth to consider. Firdaus Alamsjah Ph.D, Executive Dean BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, explained, “An undergraduate program is a program study emphasizing on the knowledge understanding, and the theories that sustain it. Meanwhile, a postgraduate program is an advanced study to enrich the basic knowledge of what you have obtained in your previous study. You will explore the knowledge by doing intensive researches and working in the business field too. “In other words, taking a step ahead by stretching your academic achievement to a Master’s degree is a wise decision for those who want to make a name for them selves in the industry later”.


For you whose age ranging between 22-30 years old, now is the best time to continue your study to a postgraduate degree. Your value as graduates will prove significant for some industries that relate to global network. But if you are confused whether to go ahead taking the program right after having an undergraduate degree under the belt, perhaps it is wise that you work first for a year or two and then reconsider about enrolling to a postgraduate program. But, always keep in mind that this averagely two-year degree can open many doors for your career development.

Should you plan to work while studying, there are few things to anticipate. As a lot of thesis researches will keep you busy in the postgraduate study, you may need some time to adjust juggling between work and study. It is also not a wise decision to start losing your interest half way down during your Master’s degree. Finishing the program would not only be unbearable sometimes, but whatever better prospect you had dreamed of would also be unsupported with a proper academic qualification. That is why you should always choose the program that you have passion in it. Listen to your heart, and never ever be the follower.

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