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Jahja: Innovating to Create Convenience for Customers

Januari 19 , 2012

Innovating to provide convenient services for the community. This is the paradigm which has been constantly promoted by Bank Central Asia (BCA), one of the biggest banks in Indonesia. For instance, BCA is not the first bank which uses Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). But now we can see that a lot of people prefer BCA ATMs.

“ATM is one of our most powerful tools. What does the customer needs? They need convenient service, so they don’t have to bring cash wherever they go. We provide this service, and many more, with one single card,” says President Director of PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk, Jahja Setiaatmadja to 80 participants attending CEO (Chief Executive Officer) SPEAKS On Innovation at BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, Joseph Wibowo Center Campus, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Thursday (19/1).

However, introducing ATM is not as easy as it seems. Usually, most of the customers are worried when they use the ATM for the first time. “Customers are worried that the machine won’t issue their money. Educating and informing our customers on how to use the ATM is not an easy task, but we are always trying to inform them that the machine is providing convenience and making it easier for them,” Jahja says, with a slight smile.

More than just ATM, BCA also encourages their consumers to use the debit card. According to Jahja, BCA introduces the debit card at the perfect timing. “When the monetary crisis occurred in 1998, credit cards were frozen. People who usually use credit cards had to use cash. Therefore, we provided the debit card, for our customers’ convenience,” Jahja explains.

“Moreover, we also promote internet banking and mobile banking. The results are amazing, especially for the younger generations who are accustomed with the internet,” Jahja says. In a bigger picture, BCA manages to transform the paradigm of banking for their customers. Now, people demand a more convenient and reliable service. Another breakthrough that Jahja mentions is the Flazz Card.

These achievements are a part of Jahja Setiaatmadja’s success. His leadership brings BCA to a higher level. Jahja is developing a detailed training system for his employees. “BCA recruits potential students from universities. We enroll them to a trainee program and we prepare them to be future leaders,” Jahja says.

“We also provide scholarships for underprivileged students. They get work contracts in BCA. So far, I can say that they show perseverance and diligence,” Jahja explains.

The man, who received the award for “Most Favourite Leadership of the Year” from Indonesia Property & Bank Award in 2010, has a brilliant reputation. He is consistently using the principle of regeneration and at the same time he is focusing on developing the quality of his team. He says, there are no fundamental changes in BCA because the change itself has become a culture of the company, and it encourages further innovations.


CEO SPEAKS On Innovation

CEO SPEAKS On Innovation is this year’s main theme. BBS chooses this theme considering the competition in business world, which demands companies to develop their innovation towards the global market. Of course, the growth and development of a company is highly affected by its CEO’s leadership style.

“CEO SPEAKS On Innovation is not only a knowledge-sharing program. Hopefully this program can inspire all of us in conducting our business activities in the future. We can get knowledge by reading it from a book. But we can only get the words of wisdom from a practitioner or CEO from programs like this,” says Firdaus Alamsjah, Ph.D, Executive Dean BBS.

According to Jahja, CEO SPEAKS is a very good program, for both undergraduate students and post-graduate students. “These students are learning academic material. I think this event provides a very good chance, allowing them to expand their horizon by listening to realistic experiences from CEOs,” Jahja says.

Jahja hopes that events like this can be organized as a routine project. “Even more, I think the summary of this event should be compiled in a book. That way, other people can easily access it,” Jahja says. (RA)

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